Driving with the windows down

We feel pretty content cruising up the motorway with the wind blowing through our hair on a warm day, but we never spare a thought for our poor lungs as we breathe in the harmful pollutants emitted by cars.

A study from the University of Southern California has found that spending a mere six per cent of our day driving in the car with the windows down exposes us to around 45 per cent of pollutants that we encounter in 24 hours-that’s a lot of pollutants to come into contact with in such a short amount of time.

Forgetting to floss

Flossing is a key component when it comes to oral hygiene, but it’s a step that many of us sip because we don’t feel much different whether we floss or not. It’s worth changing your routine tough, because plaque between the teeth can be more serious than you may think. If the bacteria finds its way into the blood stream it can cause chronic inflammation and incase the risk of heart disease, stroke…The cosmetic implications of flossing are another obvious concern and it’s recommended that you floss at least once a day to stop your pearly whites from being weakened by plaque and eventually falling out. 


Silent worrying

You worry about the meeting at work, you worry that you might forget to feed dog, and it’s really getting you down. Whilst stress can be positive in helping to keep you alert and avoid danger, too much of it can be detrimental to your health. Endless worrying eventually leads to distress which causes headaches, high blood pressure, an upset stomach, chest pain, and sleep deprivation. Whilst it’ natural to worry when you have deadline looming, panicking too much about pretty things needs to be sorted. A lot of the pain that we are dealing are really only THOUGHTS.

Spending too long exercising

It’s pretty common to think that the more time we spend on the exercise bike, the better. The truth is, too much of a good thing can be counterproductive and that goes for exercise too. Working your body too hard can lead to abnormal hormonal changes (which can trigger weight gain), a weaker immune system, musclee damage, shin splints and knee, foot or back problems. Everything is poison, it’s matter of measure.ParacelsusImage

Skipping breakfast

Skipping your breakfast and then continuing with your day is like trying to drive your car with no fuel- it will feel fine to start with but eventually slow down and cut out. Not only will you feel less active and sluggish, skipping breakfast-whether it is due to lack of time or fear of putting on weight- is linked with a higher risk of diabetes and can lead to obesity as your body stores up more far to use as fuel throughout the rest of day. Eat breakfast and feel happier… Breakfast eat yourself, lunch with your friend , give dinner to your enemy..