4 thoughts on “Ageless Halle

  1. Halle is truly one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Aside from her nose job I think she was blessed with great skin tone, features and the genetics of aging very slowly. I also appreciate her pixie do!

      • I’m goin to have to disagree, she may be toned yes but there are those that will always stay skinny regardless of exercise or not. My Mom turned 57 today and weighs the same 110lbs and the only loose part on her is her love handles. 🙂 She says shes weighed the same as she did back in her teens. She has never exercised a day in her life. Myself included. No matter how much I eat, my body bounces right back to its 122 within days and I hate to exercise! Just guess how old I am…:)

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